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Kell Duan Reply

Cowboys better pay this man! Although Cowboys defense is beast, this guy is still a huge reason why Cowboys were a playoff team last year

    Nate Dole Reply

    @Robert Espinoza If you were in any other division you would have had absolutely no chance of making the playoffs. There you go. Easy.

    Marvin Terrell Reply

    Nate Dole you’re an idiot. Watch more ball

    James K Reply

    He’s not even due a contract for two years. You people seem to forget this. If by next year this time, he hasn’t gotten one then okay, but nah.

    Marvin Terrell Reply

    James K i partly agree but imo he’s outdone his rookie contract. Being the best rb in the league since he came in says a lot. I think he should be paid a fair amount. Dak isn’t elite but he’s good enough and deserves that money too but zeke is a huge part of his success

    Oscar Mora Reply

    Facts and this is coming from a cowboys fan just pay Zeke already but I know jerry Jones will pay him

Neighborhood Nip Reply

Jerry needs to pay this man 😤

    david johnson Reply

    @Justus Stanford My man you’re forgetting that an average QB is still worth more than a bigtime rb. We def need Zeke, and he’s definitely better for his position than Dak, but his deal isn’t up and we got a stack of guys that have deals set to expire at the end of the year. We need to pay all those dudes and its harder to pay them if we tie up more of our cap in a guy that’s still got 2 years left. I don’t believe for a second Zeke is taking a discount to reup now though. He only gets 1 big deal as a rb. If he doesn’t get Todd Gurley Money he’s not gonna be interested.

    Justus Stanford Reply

    @david johnson a average QB is NOT more important then an elite RB we’ve seen average QBs do good with the running game without a Elite RB dak won’t do any good and Zeke will sit out his contract because he deserves that money

    James Redic Reply

    Jerry Jones better pay that man.

    Westmoreland Reply

    Neighborhood Nip if they don’t pay him and he sits out the season can dak carry the load… he might be messing up dak money

Jordan Davis Reply

I’m surprised they got him ranked below Saquon

    Ghxtto Gxspel Reply

    tossed but not sunk ss what do you mean his teammates Mark was always there but kamara burst onto the scene as a rookie and everyone quickly knew he was better than mark there was no way they could keep him on the bench but they also couldn’t just bench mark so they traded him to the ravens now it’s the kamara show

    SinaSoh Reply

    Sheldon Pegram absolutely!!!

    John Claon Reply

    Saqoun’s is just a better running back

    John Claon Reply

    @Noble Paul i like saqouns run style better but alvin kamara is better than both of them

    Edward Callaghan Reply

    Jordan Davis I would say Zeke is better for now, but Saquon will probably be better by at least his 3rd year, maybe a little bit earlier.

Ball Life Reply

Remember the Cowboys we’re trying to replace Demarco, it took a couple backs, they drafted Zeke because they had a need for rb. Just pay the man

    Ball Life Reply

    Gino Khalifa he gotta a lot players to pay.

    Original6Productions Reply

    They didn’t really have a need for a rb. Ya’ll quickly forget Mcfadden was the only weapon for the cowboys in 2015 when Romo got hurt and dez was injured and he was fourth in rushing that year while not even starting the season….. We basically just upgraded a little more at the position.

Pollo Gaming Reply

I don’t even like the cowboys. But this right here is a beast

    Epic.popsickle Reply

    Pollo Gaming welcome to the cowboys

    Seth Logan Reply

    Welcome to Homoville.

    Judge Dredd Reply

    Pollo Gaming same. Ravens Nation here but he’s a beast. Everyone saw his potential when he was in Ohio. Jerry is trippin

Jacob Files Reply

I was at least expecting top 10.

    Carlos Silva Reply

    Sooo Prescott didn’t get ranked this year? Kinda foul he was ballin low key

    SIMPLE Reply

    Carlos Silva as a cowboys fan, his accuracy and IQ killed us. He did better later in the year tho

ChicagoDefense Reply

I hate how they treat running backs now. Use them, abuse them, and don’t pay’em. That’s crazy. Something has to change.

    YungPackerboii ESPN HIRE ME Reply

    ChicagoDefense it’s because they are more replaceable than other positions

    K Burn1 Reply

    Martti Tanner naw they owners going to know the risk of not trying to pay your main stars. N they wonder why they can’t win super bowls

    K Burn1 Reply

    YungPackerboii ESPN HIRE ME if they were that replaceable teams would win more often but they don’t.

    Josh Howard Reply

    ChicagoDefense it’s making the game so damn stupid

adrian aguilar Reply


    jamar reid Reply

    Yea, I wouldn’t choose any back over Saquon and zeke would be #2

    Tony Smith Reply

    Since it’s not a position rank but a player rank I would think Kamara’s receiving and return game factor in.

Kody Lennox Reply

How you lead the league in rushing but not make the top 10 thou….

Idc bout other backs..He at least top 10!

    Dwight Cook Reply

    @allex gibbs well last year fredrick didnt play. Tyrone smith missed games. Collins at right tackle struggled too. So not the best line last year. Left guard of the line. Wasnt good either.

    Smack Ish Reply

    @Chiefin cowboys o line was trash last year tho. Do u even watch games or just listen to the media ?

    Smack Ish Reply

    @Kev Uchiha he led in all scrimmage yards with by only 27 yards with Zeke behind him lmao

MariHendrixx Reply

Are you kidding me nfl Ik Saquon is special but Zeke won the rushing title he’s way more proven than Saquon

    Mario Hernandez Reply

    Quik Nugget he has more receiving yards because they only throw to Barkley and O-line doesn’t matter when your receiving on less it’s a screen now for rushing zeke has more so yea zeke is better

    The Discussion Reply

    Mario Hernandez Zeke had only 127 more yards than Saquon on 47 more carries.

    Mario Hernandez Reply

    The Discussion it doesn’t matter he still had more yards and the carries are the giants fault if you don’t trust your qb run the ball more.and we all know zeke would have had 100 yards against the giants were he didn’t play

Nick Clark Reply

One of the best Running back in the NFL 2x Rushing champ

AestheticsisLife Reply

His pass blocking skills are SEVERELY UNDERRATED!!!!

    Mike Smith Reply

    Man I was just about to post the same comment and your comment was first up and the same as I was thinking so thanks for making that more aware about Zeke

    m3gusta17 Reply

    @James Harden yeah, show me any other RB blocking Cox and then we’ll talk. Cox might be the second-strongest dude in the league after Donald.

    ColdCase File32 Reply

    AestheticsisLife and his trucking

    crumbly scarab Reply


Aaron Beaulieu Reply

He had a better season then Barkley and Gurley, should be top 10…and I hate the cowboys so what does that say?

    Dauntless Reply

    Aaron Beaulieu Barkley has more all purpose yards and with the trash o line that the Giants have, also Zeke rested during the Cowboys vs Giants week 17

    Matthew Suarez Reply

    gary neville Zeke still had more touches than Barkley. Barkley had 27 more yards with less touches. Barkley had 6 more touchdowns than zeke with 30 less touches. Barkley had a way better season.

    Garrett Horsch Reply

    Kev Uchiha zeke would have had more but he didn’t play a single down of their last game. Barkley only had 50 more yards than zeke after he played and zeke didn’t. You really think zeke wouldn’t have gotten a measly 50 yards in that game had he played?

    Garrett Horsch Reply

    cameron smith he wouldn’t have beaten zeke out and no he wasn’t

Lexington Leffall Reply

I can’t wait for the comments on Saquon Barkeley’s video 😂😂

BaZaR Reply

Grown man ! 2:17 is just NASTY😳❗️

    Dino Anthony Reply

    Blew that dude up!!

The Clapper Reply

Zeke at 18 is a joke. He has proven he is the best RB in the league when he is playing a full season.

    Kale Amparan Reply


    Alapati T Reply

    He’s the best even when he plays 3/4 of the season!! #wedemboys

Puff Dondada Reply

When are we gonna give zeke his credit he should be guaranteed top 10

    mikeandmars2345 Reply

    Am a 49ers and u right

    Melanated God Reply


    Garrett Horsch Reply

    Puff Dondada exactly!

MrCorgiTalks Reply

Zeke won the rushing title twice in his first three years. Only year he didn’t was cause of suspension. But he’s below a rookie RB?

    KING CHRIS Reply

    Luke Watkins facts

    Aaron DallaRosa Reply

    Brandon Craighead ehh with the injuries 1.5 and zack and fredrick were both out half the season combined

    Great White Reply

    @DaQuan cowboys were ranked 31 out of 32 this season. The offensive line cop out doesnt work anymore

    James Redic Reply

    Jerry Jones better pay that man.

ImHerFavorite Reply

bruh saquan is good but zeke is better cmon now, this rating list is wack sometimes i swear

    ASavageProduction Reply

    Y’all butthurt over saquon when kamara worse than both

    Ad Makaveli Reply

    Lool Saquon had most scrimmage yards in the league and 0 fumbles with the worst O-line of all time
    Ezekiel Elliot may have have had most rushing yards but he had 6 FUMBLES bruh wtf
    Saquon had Zeke’s O-Line and he would have broke records ong

    Jamie Nguyen Reply

    @Ad Makaveli well that’s hard to say because saquon and Zeke have completely different running styles I think if you were to swap them the results wouldn’t be that more dramatic. Saquon does a lot of cutting and double moves your offensive line can’t read his mind to block that

    Seth Logan Reply

    And Todd Gurley is even better.

    Go Rams!

Evyam Wallace Reply

If they don’t pay this man I’m boycotting the cowboys. And I’m from Dallas.

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