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Allan the great

Who else keeps reloading YouTube just to watch these

    Lil'Blick Wit Da Stick

    @MrPhilipjoe Ok! He’s got more playoff wins than Rivers in a way shorter time

    Ka kjj

    Allan the great this list is a joke. Rivers ranked in front of Wilson 😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬


    Me. Just so I can see Rodgers rated above all these great QBs and be super pissed at the delusional voting.

    Jonah Miller

    MrPhilipjoe he’s an amazing player and better at football than you’ll ever be

    El Maxoh

    I feel like these videos especially in the top 20 were so much better couple years ago ! Now they seems rushed

Emperor Palpatine

This is a really well deserved spot


    R sosa no tf he hasn’t with losing records until this year and that was because their defense

    Cameron Minor

    Billy Jean you’re right. Rivers trash. Chargers trash

    Slim Vickins

    @James King Wilson is good, but that #1 rushing attack set up very easy and wide open playaction passes. He only had 3400 yards. Matt Ryan had better #s than any QB besides Mahomes…where’s his love?

Charlie _

Rivers finally getting the respect he deserves he really needs a ring

    Rob Gonz

    Charlie _ LOL he’s not getting a ring

    Star Destroyer_E19

    Tom Wenzel it’s too soon to be saying he won’t be getting a ring! I mean who knows the season hasn’t even started yet 🤷🏽‍♀️ but yeah without a doubt he’s accomplished more in his life than you ever will😜🤣


    He should get trade to NFC finally go super bowl like cardinals

    Marcos Lopez

    He has as many rings as the chargers do

samp _


Phillip Rivers: HEY RON

    Timothy Hyer

    samp _ third down?


    samp _ 😂😂😂 screams his lungs out just to say “hey, third down?” LMFAO


    I smell a new meme

Jin 12

I just hope he wins a Super Bowl before he retires.


    Philip rivers will win a super bowl.

    Rob Gonz

    He won’t LOL


    Phillip Rivers is the Joe Flacco’s relgular season on playoffs lmao

    Marcos Lopez


    Raul Fontes

    @Hector Rodriguez and the great SD Charger QB Dan Fouts

Nathan DeLong

RON! Hey ROOON! ROOOON, ROOOON!!! Third down? 🤣🤣

    Bear Archambault

    That was honestly one of the best Mic’d Up things I’ve ever seen

    Sean Kilfoyle


    Mystic TK


Adam Tizani

Phil is aboutta have another baby after seeing this ranking


    For real how is he this high

    Sebastian Martinez

    Tom brady has enough rings to pass out to each of river’s kids

    THA P.

    what he got like 12 now

    Dat Boi

    @Sebastian Martinez tom has 52 rings?

    Craig king

    @THA P. he has 9 😂

Ivan Luna

Number 17 and list number 17 coincidence I think not

    RJ Stradling

    @Who Dat Frank trivago?

    ben 25

    @RoZe Savvy jj watt is 99 then

    Stan ezen

    And 17 STDs

    Wyatt Winterfeld

    I think not made me lol

    Jed Theonly

    They flipped Kamara a little bit

Ivan Beltran

One of the most underrated QBs out there. Love his competitive spirit, having faith he’ll win his first ring he deserves it.

    Ivan Beltran

    That’s what I’m afraid of , Hope he does get his ring though last year there was a good shot but unfortunately didn’t go his way.Here’s hoping to next season.

    Hamdan Abdalla

    Like Russ

    Darth Raider

    Hector Rodriguez like romo, but Romo was better

    Ivan Beltran

    Darth Raider Rivers has and always will be better than Romo , I’m not a romo hater but the numbers and stats prove it. Rivers put up higher completion percentages, more TDS , less Int and to top it off Philip Rivers has been and won more post season games then tony romo has.Rivers is 4-4 Romo is 2-4 , Rivers is an 8x pro bowl selection where as romo is a 4x selection. Rivers holds the tying record for most consecutive complete passes. And blows romo away in other stats and accolades when compared side by side . Not to mention Rivers is still playing so it’s only going to keep getting higher. Not to hate on Romo though he’s definitely the best commentator today that’s for damn sure!

    Marcos Lopez

    @Darth Raider come on bro I’m a raider fan but I’ll admit rivers is better than Romo. Won’t get that ring tho


We hate on phil but dude is consistently solid every year


    @Nathan Cady hey wait I’m just saying what I’ve heard I know it’s a team effort I never meant Phil is overrated rings aren’t everything ik that


    Nathan Cady He’s a stats stuffer who crumbles in big games. He had one of the best defenses in the league last year and he got clapped by the patriots in the playoffs

    Jose Santos

    Irishninja and the Rams with a high powered offense scored how many points against the Pats defense?


    @Irishninja He’s had the worst rushing attack over the last 8 years with a 3.1 avg per attempt. He’s also had a average to poor On-line for the last 6-7 years. Last two years has been the first time since his first few years in the league he has had a good team around him. They lost to the Pats bc they were out coached PLUS not too mention they had to fly across the country for a 1pm game which was 9am SD time. Also how they had NO linebackers and had to play like 6 dbs. Also people forget when he first came in the league and had Tomlinson for those few years Tomlinson was hurt almost every playoffs. Also Phil played on a torn ACL in the AFC Championship Game that year. Dude is a boss man. Hall of Famer NO DOUBT! Played 21 less games than Eli yet has like 20+ more td passes. He has more td passes than Big Ben aswell in 8 less games. Also less ints and a higher QB rating than both. Played in the AFC during Peyton Mannings, Tom Brady’s, Big Ben’s prime. Not too mention those Pat’s Defenses, Steelers Defenses, Revis Island, and Ray Lewis and the Ravens defenses he had to go through.


    Irishninja R u gonna say Rivers is trash because he lost a game? Ok. In that case, Kaepernick is better than Brady, because Kaepernick only lost 1 SB, and Brady lost 3.


When Bill Belichick shows you extra respect, you know you’re a stud


    Alex A there’s a big difference between making cuts and standing in the pocket

    Slim Vickins

    @Ka kjj Well head to head Rivers is 2-0 vs Wilson with 5 tds/0 ints and like a 115 rating. Chargers were better last year, but Rivers put up the best performance of any QB( 120 rating )vs prime legion of boom when they were super bowl champs

    Robert Rutledge

    Ka kjj so much to learn

    Double AA

    @Ka kjj like he should


Played like an MVP last season and we had an epic year. Let’s go #BOLTS

    Tom Wenzel

    @Brandon Escobar No lol I’m Not that dumb 😂 I Just wanted to say that even mediocre qb can throw consecutive completions several Times

    Brandon Escobar

    @Tom Wenzel Mariota isn’t mediocre tho, he’s actually pretty good. Remember that cheifs plafoff game 2 years ago.

    Tom Wenzel

    @Brandon Escobar I’m a Titans Fan so yeah I remember It still and it is one of my favourite Games of the Last three years 😍 I think mariota is good as a rushing qb and Sometimes Shows His brilliance in Passing with incredible big plays but unluckily injuries and a mediocre receiving corpse in the past (except delanie Walker who was unluckily injured whole Last season) Limit His Passing Game a Lot so on paper He is only mediocre when it comes to TD-Int ratio for example

    clownin dan

    @Tom Wenzel is obviously a chiefs fan…

    Tom Wenzel

    @clownin dan who is a chiefs Fan?

Collin Noreen

“I love playing with Phil….if the money is right.” – Flash Gordon

    El3PH4NTE M4N

    Collin Noreen word

    Joseph Ramos



    Collin Noreen fr lmao


He’s like fine wine. Gets better with age. Also his children make up of 50% of the world population.

Gimme ur Ring

Mahomes- “Rivers is awesome!”
Belichick-“I have so much respect for you”
Chiefsfan12345-“Rivers sucks, most overrated QB in the league”

    Steven Rangel

    @Jimmy Spittin’ Dore false

    WS 95

    FBI 😂😂😂 been one since 1995! #QuestFor7 😂😂😂😂💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

    Jimmy Spittin' Dore

    @Steven Rangel When’s the last time old Phylis threw for 50 and 5,000?

    Brad Lamb

    Chiefsfan ain’t wrong

Papa Juncie

Phillip screaming Ron’s name just to say third down has the same energy as Stewie screaming mom just so say Hi.

    Nickolas Beatty


Cedric Football

Phillip Rivers kid: Breaks something

Phillip Rivers: Dag Nabbit!

Alex A

Second favorite QB in the league. Fearless leader. Nothing to hate about this guy


#1 weakest pull out game-Phillip Rivers

    F ten

    The more kids he has the better, blacks pump out welfare baby’s all the time

    Terrell Gist

    Whites are the biggest beneficiary regarding the use of welfare…but nice try

    Austin Ballentine

    that still goes to Cromartie


I feel Belichick has always had respect for Rivers ever since that game he played against his Patriots, with a torn ACL.

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