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Kell Duan Reply

Always remember that Saquon had 1300+ yards rushing last year with the GIANTS O-LINE!!! What an underrated Beast!!!

    THICC BOI Reply

    He was never underated

    James Perez Reply

    A Initiate lmao quite the opposite actually. Saquon is getting all the praise and zeke is getting hated for doing what he does lmao

    Bigcanok26 C Reply

    Kell Duan not under rated

    Kelsey Kjarsgaard Reply

    Odell only played 4 games

    U-R-I Reply

    not underrated at all

HostessMoses Reply

I just pray he doesn’t get hurt carrying the entire giants offense this year🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

    Lyric X Reply

    @Kevin Prima The Giants front office when they got Saquon was like yes yes we don’t need anyone else!!! Cut everyone whose good!

    Aries Anderson Reply

    Steven Hullum like the lions did Barry Sanders

Justin Brown Reply

Saquon is dope… Period no intro needed the man can ball

    Ajit Pawar Reply

    Okay Stephen A

    aj Furcron Reply

    I hope that he can be blessed to win a SB one day

    Billy Backpacks Reply

    @aj Furcron Or a winning team tbh

    aj Furcron Reply

    Billy Backpacks true but I feel like they’ll never let him leave lol. He’s the new barry sanders 😂😂😂😂

GoldenSteelTV Reply

When I saw the last Giants game of the 2018 season against the Cowboys, I freaked out when Barkley leapt over the Cowboys defense onto the end zone for a TD because I thought he didn’t score one. It just shows that he can do amazing things as a RB

Jin 12 Reply

Man AP making you his righteous successors , that’s big man.

    Chris McKee Reply

    Tom Jackson yeah but his fans have called him AP for pretty much all of his career.

    Max Dembo Reply

    Rightful successor*

    Jackie BENJAMIN Reply

    @Zackary Bouchard la! q

    Kevin Prima Reply

    @Christen Smith — that’s the whole problem — Giants are gonna suck for another 5 years and they will run the wheels off Saquon and ruin his career

Elias Mina Reply

When Adrian Peterson gives you praise like that you know this man is seriously a monster RB

    Alejandro Magana Reply

    Especially since they both have said they have the upmost respect for one another. Squab has said that the RB he always looked up to was AP.

    Costa Zambaras Reply

    Kevin Right?! For people like us who will never sniff that kind of money(or at least me.. I shouldn’t assume you won’t) it’s unbelievable to think about it. But I have a buddy who played in the league for a few years who was basically a practice squad guy and he said the problem is that most of these kids come from poor backgrounds. They’ve never had money. They’ve never been taught about money. Then, you factor in that the govt takes 50%. Then you start throwing around money on yourself. And your boys who grew up with you are around leeching whatever they can from you. Then you have money, nice cars, etc.. and what comes like a magnet to money/cars? Women. Then you get three of them pregnant and now you’re getting docked tens of thousands of dollars a month. But remember, NFL players only get paid 16 weeks out of the year. Game checks. So once the season ends, you gotta get to September before you get paid again. Money gets short by summertime and they have these loan sharks lending them money at some ridiculous percentage. So now your money you make the following season is now paying off the loans from the summer. And it all starts over again. Before they know it, they are buried. So while to people like us it would seem outrageous for someone to be broke when they make millions, it’s actually quite understandable when you break it down. It’s all relative really. Not about what you make. It’s about what you spend…. Damn that was long. My bad🤦🏻‍♂️😂

    posthauski Reply

    Rico Aguilar dude, he’s an all time great, like top 10 rb of all time, his comeback season in ‘12 is an insane feat, he gets a pass for talking about himself that high

    dabadseed Reply


Mr Q Ceaz Reply

I’m not gonna lie im pretty angry that Zeke didn’t make top 10 with having another rushing title under his belt but what Saquon did with that trash Giants O-Line was VERY impressive I must admit

    Justus Stanford Reply

    @mikethevicious that’s a stretch considering that he’s not that great at blocking and isn’t nessissrily a great power back

    GumGumNuke Reply

    LOOK SAQUON IS JUST A BEETER BACK PERIOD !! no disrespect to Zeke

    Zech Merquise Reply

    And yet aaron rodgers made top 10. What a garbage list!! Im not even a giants fan and SB should have been higher

    TeeMONEY Reply

    Saquan Barkley had OBJ and the passing game to open up the field for him. Zeke had a loaded box for half the season when Dallas had no receivers until they got Cooper. Zeke is better than Barkley no question, Zeke just didn’t have as good of a season as could have had last year with that loaded box

Tommy Knucks Reply

When Ap one of the great backs of all time is praising your game you know it’s real

    Jfal23 Reply

    Tommy Knucks we have many greats praising eachother chill out


    Jfal23 greats praise each other for lip service and greats praise other greats because they genuinely believe it this was the latter lol

    Jfal23 Reply

    THE COUCH BROS REACT lmao true

    Cirilo Campos Reply

    AP the GOAT

prince dwane Reply

“best foot forward..sky’s the limit” thanks for mot. Means alot.. blessings🙌🏽

GoatestShuckler Reply

Most electrifying runningback in the league. I have been following this guy since he was in Penn State. He’s my favorite rb in the league.

JayeCrook29 Reply

You know Saquon is hype hearing all of these glowing compliments from AD lol.

I would be too if my hero said all these great things about me.

    R.I.P OBJ Reply

    He’s been going by AP and AD

    JayeCrook29 Reply

    Favoritees In high school he was dubbed AD from his head coach down here in Texas because he could run All Day. That’s what he’s called down here in Texas.

    edinson soto Reply


    Q e

    Ñ zzfhaqueridoirsfimadoamigo c,

    Jack G Reply

    @JayeCrook29 here in Okla everyone calls him AD too. Aint my college team but he will always be “All Day”

jellybeangaming8 Reply

He’s a humble monster much respect to this man.

    Kevin Prima Reply

    That’s why Saquon will get all the lucrative endorsement deals — all the big corporations want a honest classy fella like Saquon selling their products

Yankee allday Reply

Wow man that pumped me up when Mr Peterson says that then there’s room for optimism

    maxaoe3 Reply

    Yankee allday ye for him and his yards but not the whole team lmao

    Yankee allday Reply

    @maxaoe3 I think its more than that he’s a natural born leader so all in all he will elevate the team

    Cardinals Mlb Reply

    Yankee allday Was this an Imav reference?

    Eagle_ fan101 Reply

    maxaoe3 your only hope is Barkley

Joseph Parnes Reply

Saquon is so humble. It’s one of his best qualities. You know if A.D. is giving hin praise we have yet to see what this cat can really unleash.

josh's bullet club Reply

Saquon at #16, Oh now I know this league is high

    David Philips Reply

    Should have been in the top 10 tbh- he’s the most exciting runner in the league who was a big reason for the Giants’ five wins. 16’s definitely low

    Christopher Strebeck Reply

    @Lawrence Chavious thats because hes a cowboy…cowboys are pushed to be popular lol..if saquon was a cowboy he would be 1 on da list

    Bryson the goat Reply

    exactly he should be 20-30

Irritating Films Reply

Hey man, respect to AP for being so supportive towards a rival. That’s cool of him

    Steve Medel Reply

    AP the best RB in the last 10 years… Passing to the torch to the next one

Anthony Sestanovic Reply

My guess for top 10.
#10 Aaron Rodgers
#9 Von Miller
#8 Antonio Brown
#7 Julio Jones
#6 Tom Brady
#5 Khalil Mack
#4 Drew Brees
#3 Todd Gurley
#2 Patrick Mahomes
#1 Aaron Donald

    Ad Makaveli Reply

    Great list Todd Gurley very overrated but I expect he will be there

    Elias Hernandez Reply

    #1 mahome
    #2 AB
    #3 Donald
    #4 Brady

    Ljloving 424 Reply

    Ya gotta put Brees top 3

    Low Life Reply

    Anthony Sestanovic so damn close

    Bigcanok26 C Reply

    Anthony Sestanovic nibba where Deandre Hopkins u should Change Antonio to Deandre Hopkins


Saquon and Zeke are what true running backs are…. vision, speed, strength, and hops

    Fernando Ramirez Reply

    Yoo wtf… Small world… I’m a Mercedes tiger too.. Old tho.. Class of 2008… Queen City!!!!!

    Ljloving 424 Reply

    Kamara’s better

    Bryson the goat Reply


    Pontus Axelsson Reply

    Ljloving 424 heeeeell no

RyanJ504 Reply

Saquon wears thigh pads to protect the other players

Brendan Haran Reply

Let’s be Honest, this man is basically a Madden Created Character come to life

    Kathryn Guimaraes Reply

    Brendan Haran this comment is under rated

    100 Percent% Reply

    On rookie mode

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