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Kell Duan Reply

Wagner’s a beast, but he’s really going to need to carry the seahawks defense next year

    Justin Lopez Reply

    The defense is young and trying to develop into something. To say he carry’s them is ehh… Frank Clark made opportunities for other guys on the D line, why don’t we talk about that?

    Van Miller Reply

    Kell Duan that’s not necessary. We going far this year

    Scorpio Dynasty X Reply

    Legion of Boom reborn lol

    Census Reply

    Kell Duan he’s been carrying our defense

Emperor Palpatine Reply

One of the only remaining members of the legion of boom

    Ahmad Afif Reply

    @Aidan Kearns ah nope? it was only sherm, kam, earl and browner

    Aidan Kearns Reply

    @Ahmad Afif go look on Wikipedia you’ll find it

    Ahmad Afif Reply

    @Aidan Kearns lmao the lob ended after browner left. All the addition after browner left was made by the fans


    He’s one of the only ones left from their Superbowl Defense…Of course KJ Wright was mentioned as well..

    Devi Lisa Reply

    @Shortest SB Champion QB -they got that nickname in 2012 and Bennett was not on that team.
    They got that self hyped nickname after beating New England-the same defense that blew games against Miami and Detroit and who would cost them a trip to the NFC title game in just 25 seconds.
    They get too much credit when the majority of their losses from 2012-2015 came when the defense blew leads late in the game.


BEST LB in the league my opinion and idk if Luke k already made list but Bobby Wagner should be higher

    THA P. Reply

    That’s Debatable but there both so amazing bro.

    YEAH IGHT Reply

    Stfu plz

    luiz henrique Paes Reply

    @RuleOf Two
    Stop being ridiculous, the Seahawks ALMOST always run a 4-3

    Watch the games dude

    luiz henrique Paes Reply

    @THA P.

    I would love to have both of them in a 3-4

    RuleOf Two Reply

    @luiz henrique Paes just showed 2 examples on film of a 3/4. But thanks for your input 😆

GoatestShuckler Reply

It’s always a contest on who is the best lb in the league, Bobby Wagner or Luke Kuechly. But I think this season Wagner was better.

    Drew Simon Reply

    Dajuan Simpson it’s ridiculous that people thumbs up a comment of yours that is 110% false! Luke played 16 games last year

    Jordan M Reply

    Aaron Galibert his iq is not WAYYY better than Wagner’s it’s slightly better not way

    Yo H Reply

    Who cares they’re both amazing LB’s and they’re Basically twins in stats. This list doesn’t matter, they’re future HOF’ers and the best at what they do.

    Big Tings Reply


Silky Johnson Reply

My man gets a 99 overall on Madden then doesn’t even get ranked top 10 in the NFL🤦‍♂️

    Tiyale Whitehurst Reply


    NYners718 ! Reply

    that’s cuz he aint a 99.

    BIGQ hUnChO Reply

    It’s the players vote so why even question it

    Dobia Reply

    Offense focused league

Making Stones Reply

Wagner is a beast man, when your team plays against him you just gottta worry that he will shut down ur offence.

Nitro 0_o Reply

Who else is waiting like ever 10 minutes for the next video

UBF Reply

99 OVR and not Top 10 … SUS

    M Realzola Reply

    This is about real life not a stupid game

    UBF Reply

    +M Realzola
    I don’t even like Madden at all, I just find it kinda funny

    Formerly Known Reply

    @THA P. Thank You!

    AlphaDwg Reply

    UBF this isn’t EA’s list

Andres Muti Reply

He’s the best linebacker and is a 99 but isn’t top 5

    YEAH IGHT Reply


    Enrique Mejia Reply

    you don’t know football

    Enrique Mejia Reply

    YEAH IGHT you don’t know football

    AlphaDwg Reply

    Andres Muti wtf does madden rating have to do with anything 🤣

Ultimate 2DK Reply

this is cyber bullying towards Nick Mullens

Matt M Reply

Todd Gurley: I hate Bobby Wagner 😂😭😭

    Derek Orozco Reply

    @Hamdan Abdalla rams overall better lol since they became a franchise

    Tra Holmes Reply

    He sounds like 21 savage 😂😂😂

    Hamdan Abdalla Reply

    @Derek Orozco Actually check you facts they’re not

    tyrone ramsey Reply


Wise Reply

This man Jamaal had a Naruto headband on 😭😭 2:21

    Anthony Reply

    Sasori’s headband to be exact

    Johnny Tsunami Reply

    Anthony yup

    Muhammad Barokah Reply

    Wise Jamaal Williams the Puppet Masters

    m3gusta17 Reply

    look him up on wikipedia, he’s got the same headband on in his wiki picture LMAO

    Quiet Storm Reply

    I was lookin for this comment to

ChicagoDefense Reply

I remember when they drafted him. Everybody was sleep 😴

    Trippie Chi Reply


    Bejamin Unanaowo Reply

    Can’t blame the NFL they think every defender has to come from the SEC, a conf that hasn’t had a DPOY since 97

    Rico Alexander Reply

    @S N Yep and Wilson was part of that draft.

    Jihan Raiyan Reply

    @S N 2012 was one of the best


    Seattle had alot of success drafting players past the first round and those players becoming All Pros ( Richard Sherman,Kam Chancellor both 5th round players)

Tarantula Guy Reply

Wagner is a future HOFer, this man is a god damn beast.

Ithan Reply

How many times do you see someone tackle everyone without missing
He deserves #1

HawksNest Reply

15?…. bro the 2nd best defensive player overall at 15? Cmon bruhhh

    Chandler Morillo Reply

    HawksNest Seahawks takin a L week 2

    Tim Jergans Reply

    HawksNest it’s not like the NFL players vote on this or anything 🙄

    KillerKhye Reply

    @Tim Jergans they dont actually. You honestly believe all the players came together to make a top 100 list? It’s just not realistic. Also every player has their own biases anyways. The nfl asks the players who their top 10 was this year and create the list off that

    Tim Jergans Reply

    KillerKhye top 20*

    Also, when did i say all NFL players?

X got 1 Pumped Reply

Damn they rlly be hating on us first they disrespect russell then my man wagner has a 99 overall rating is is some how not in the top 10 smh

    Chandler Morillo Reply

    The King Of Nostalgia imagine thinking Seattle is better than Pittsburgh

    X got 1 Pumped Reply

    Chandler Morillo we smacking y’all week 2 no biggie

    Osaca Kra Reply

    doug baldwin will be in the top 10

    Chandler Morillo Reply

    X got 1 Pumped also your name is extremely disrespectful, and I know you don’t care about me saying that but it is. Have some class “x got 1 pumped”? Youre disrespectful

First name Last name Reply

All you dudes bringing up a Madden rating 🤣🤣. I remember when Steph Curry’s defense was like a 82 on 2k.

Rudy Ramos Reply

Shout out to Jamaal Williams for representing the Sand Village rogue ninja Red Sand puppet Master

Marcelo Soprano Reply

On a dream defense love to have Wagner & Luke together

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