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yoboi ac

Raiders and the bills are the only teams with no top 100 player this season 😔

    2 GuD

    Khalil Ma- oh wait

    Zech Merquise

    Nate Peterson. #1

    Zech Merquise

    Raiders got Kahlil Ma….. oh yeah. Sorry.

    Logan Lehman

    Jordan Davis no it does

    Ken Kaneki

    @riqo steel Top 100 Players of 2019. He wasn’t on the Raiders last season. He never played a single game in a Raiders uniform yet so no it does NOT count


Alvin Kamara can catch the ball like wrs, and run the ball like a track star. Also can juke you out of your socks.

    THA P.

    So can Zeke

    THA P.

    Also, McCaffrey is the best receiving RB in the League.

    Matthew Owens

    THA P. He really is not can zeke line up as a flanker wr and be effective nope he hasn’t even ran every wr route in the route tree

    THA P.

    @Matthew Owens I’m sure Zeke can do it. from me playing football mostly every player can play every position. just not as good. but MC is the ideal

    Thiago Henriquecoelhodesouza

    @Official Bully CMC shared snaps with Jonathan Stewart his first year too. Stop with this excuse dude!!!

Jay Stiles

Kamara is a dynamic player and his a beast with Brees and MT

    Obamos did 9/11

    You totally right ma men, Alvin Kamara is the GOAT runner for real

    Rohit Srikanth

    Yup, I’m the biggest saints fan in this world gonna win the super bowl this season and going to be the best runner in the league. I know all, the facts about the saints

Terrell Miller

That’s my RB #WhoDat #AK41

Corrie Sports

He should be higher than Snoop on a Friday night.

BallNorth HQ

He plays like a Ninja…. quick , fast and slippery


All of this for an 82 overall card in Madden 20

    Muah Friend

    Madden 20 is garbage

    Space Ghost Skaduwee's Perspective

    He is a 90. Stahp with the tomfoolery.


    BreakFastWaffles that’s misinformation. MUT cards are all low at the beginning of the year. Ya think Rodgers is just 83 straight up? Nah Kamara is 92 overall in H2H and franchise.

    J Jack

    BreakFastWaffles I’m not even gonna buy madden now lol

lil NUT

This dude is going to be an even bigger beast now since he won’t he splitting the ball as much with another running back

Bryce Wilson

Alvin is what the saint thought they were getting with Reggie Bush, no disrespect to Reggie I’m a big fan

    Under Reti

    kaioken saints didn’t use him right, his skill was definitely on his level lol


    @Under Reti his “skill” was actually better, but it didn’t translate between the tackles not in space in comparison to Kamara. Kamara has exceeded Bush’s time in NOLA in just two seasons!

    The Seahawks didn't run the ball

    Y’all gonna stop acting like that man Reggie was a scrub, was he as good as he was in college? No he wasn’t, but he had a decent career.

    Joah Curry

    He was just as good. Just the fact that was 10 plus years ago. The game is changing

    Cody Huesers

    Under Reti Saints did use him right. Reggie would be way better in today’s league.


Who thinks Jared cook should’ve been top 100?

    Mandoe Muñoz

    For the simple fact he even made Carr look average lol

    William Alvarez


    Baste GOD

    @Mandoe Muñoz He made Carr look average. How. He had his best seasons with Carr. You act like Cook was some premiere tight end before Carr. He didn’t do any of that with A Rod.

    Matthew Owens

    Facts he was playing for the patriots and had those numbers they would put him on the list

    adeeb yousuf

    Mabye he was 101

Lombardi Way

Weapon of choice? AK41

Last Jedi

Lol love the airheads moment haha. Gonna miss Mark but am looking forward to Kamara this upcoming season!! 💛


    Zeke Gurley and Barkley better

    Last Jedi

    @AARON B I think you replied to the wrong comment cause I never said they weren’t lol

    Alvin Kamara 41

    AARON B shut up that’s not what he said


Shouldn’t be higher than Barkley or Zeke but he’s a great player

    Goatquon Barkley

    CjizzleDaKid kamara is as elusive as Barkley Barkley is literally compared to barry sanders for a reason your o-Line in general is a top 5 o-line they are literally 2nd In Run Blocking aNd 3rd in Pass Blocking Lml Barkley again tan a 4.4 That wasn’t even his fastest in penn state he supposedly ran a 4.36 i think kamara ran a 4.56 He is faster than Kamara

    Goatquon Barkley

    CjizzleDaKid kamara is an amazing player don’t get me wrong But Barkley is a generational talent even Adrian Peterson said he’s the best RB he seen since himslef and that if he stays healthy that he’ll be the greatest to ever do it


    @Goatquon Barkley idk about greatest ever but yeah I agree he might be the best in the league right now. We gotta wait and see tho. Gurley got hurt and le’veon didn’t even play. Was just pointing out some things I thought kamara did better lol.


    @CjizzleDaKid I never said he wasn’t versatile but as rb you gotta do more then run fast and catch. I do agree he is rb when it comes to cathing but so can Zeke and Saquon catch and play in slot. What makes a running back great is their stamina something that Saquon and Zeke have, its actually what makes a back be 1st rounder. Stamina is actuall very important to a rb because it what makes a defense tired. Just watch Zeke and Saquon play they are just getting warmup in the 4th qt, not gon lie tho that it is a stupid of to put that in since Kamara is on the bench a not playing a full game. But that my promblem he not gonna be a pleyer that can stay on the field cuz he is not a powerback he can’t tire teams out. If the team losses Murray to an injury or suspension he turn into a average player

    Alvin Kamara 41

    Goatquon Barkley well Barkley is the only thing left to the giants

Sum Kid

Cowboys fan here. I love Alvin kamara, he’s an absolute stud, and he definitely deserves a top 20 spot, but I don’t agree with him being over saquon and zeke. Could be higher than zeke, but saquon?

    Wesley Mannino

    Sum Kid this is what the players chose 🤷🏻‍♂️

    SaucyX4 •

    Sum Kid your tears taste amazing 😈

    Manuel Shaul

    Sum Kid yeah it’s more
    About his impact and the success of his team and plus he’s doing all
    Of this while sharing the backfield think about it. He sharing a backfield and still stands out he just got that it factor. Zeke is good and Barkley but they don’t have that it factor.

    Brendan R

    Manuel Shaul that it factor did you see Barkley play if he had an o line qb and defense like the saints they would win as many of not more games

Jay Money

Alvin Kamara is what they thought Reggie Bush was going to be like in the NFL.

    Jared Davis

    denzel jackson man that dude just don’t know football people forget how good players were when Vick played only because Vick prime was over a decade ago

    MichaelTroy L

    Lesean McCoy

    Nate Lowe

    Saints didn’t use Reggie the right way.. they tried to make him a 3-Down Back/BellCow when he’s an Offensive Weapon who just needs space

    David Holt

    He what Jamaal charles in his prime was


    poppasunny 47 i mean Vick also had a great arm we can’t really compare he two yet we still have to see if Lamar can be a good pocket passer he’s not gonna be able to do a lot of running this season teams have figured him out

Yung Maniac

Johnson: “All they doing is running Kamara on the option routes!!”
Brockers: “Im saying, like how do we stop that?!” Funniest part 😂


    Yung Maniac ya exactly….
    He tey to flex on us but when the real game came he got burnt….
    Go rams
    In the end brockers beat them

    Jonathan Brutus

    bruh! this comment needs to be pin

    Josh Jones

    I was weak

    Luke Dimitriades

    †RVSTY TEVSPOON† in the end, you put up 3 points and embarrassed yourself. You should be more worried ab your team than the saints

lil wan

All they doing is putting ak on the option route 😠
: I’m saying though how we stop that 🤷😂


He could be a WR1 if he wanted to. NO ONE is tougher to cover in the NFL than Alvin Kamara.

Britte Cebreros


Brendan R

Kamara is good but higher then Elliot and Barkley, I would say no

    H1 Films

    Brendan R u should watch football more often

    Goatquon Barkley

    H1 Films u should watch football Barkley and Zeke are Better and Barkley is the better overall back

    Mrsuperpuppy Daboss

    They should all be in a row Kamara Zeke Saquon

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