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Great WR well deserved in my opinion maybe a lil to high but great player he deserves it

    Orlando Burns Jr

    You do realize he’s lead the league in catching and receiving .. To high.. Nah too low

    Pink Grape

    Orlando Burns Jr agreed


    @Orlando Burns Jr julio lead in receiving yards he only lead in catches


    @Orlando Burns Jr He didnt lead the league in receiving. It was Julio.

Emperor Palpatine

I’m getting nervous..
Nathan Peterman hasn’t been on this list yet…

    Joel Ruiz

    Who the fook is that guy!!

    Point 21

    Don’t worry he’s number 1 for sure

    J Visions

    He is number one bro watch this https://youtu.be/zw8Qes9n0EA

Nathan Keelin

Can’t Guard Mike 💪🏾


    Nathan Keelin rams

    Philly Prince

    @†RVSTY TEVSPOON† Scams*

    Killian Krummel

    *Xavier Rhodes has entered the chat*


    Stephon Gilmore will erase him. Like he did in 2017 Shhhhhh

Silver Is The Name

2 saints players in a row 😂 keep repping New Orleans and we are all proud of our Saints these heartbreaking losses will just fuel us for next season to win the championship. WHO DAT ⚜️⚜️⚜️


    Defense tho…

    MVP Material

    @Darell Woodard Saints fans said that last year ROFL

    Joel Ruiz

    NICKELL ROBEY COLEMAN (enters chat)

    Who Dat Nation

    K05T APOLLO your low key a idiot if you actually think that

Tony Snell

They ranked him 81 last year🤦‍♂️…
Mike BALLED out this year and solidified himself as an easy Top 5 receiver in this league
Well deserved CantGuardMike👍💪 👏

    Goose Wayne

    1. Julio 2. Hopkins 3. Antonio brown 4. tyreke hill 5.obj he is not top 5 yet

    Goose Wayne

    @A Initiate Mike had 9tds Julio had 8 your roasting your own wr

    Darell Woodard

    Easily top 5

Silver Is The Name

A lot of videos in one night and I like it 😂. WHO DAT ⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️

Jay Stiles

Nola needs pay this man because he’s the whole wild receiver core

    Chris Haynes

    wish granted man signed a 5 year deal mega contract 💥🔥🔥

    Kristi Rowell

    Iraq Lobster MT will be fine regardless of quarterback… in a few years, he will prove you wrong ⚜️

    Jordan Smith

    This aged well

    Chris Stanley

    The InvictusSamaritan I stand corrected

    Bruce Rivers

    $100M ($61M guaranteed)


This year I’m going to score and pull the John horn celebration. Even tho I’ll get flagged.

    Ahmad Mims

    YEAH IGHT please post if you do

Tony Snell

Never forget when Mike pulled out the phone😭😭 savage💪

    My Name

    It wasn’t savage he copied Terrel Owens smh


    And he put it there knowing he was playing an undefeated team!

    Cody Huesers

    My Name nah it was homage to Joe Horn the former Saints WR. Get your facts right

    Tony Snell

    My Name “copied TO” 🤡🤡🤡🤡

So Hog Beats

Mike as rookie: “You Cant guard Mike”
NFL: Who are you?
Mike: “I’m Keyshawn Johnson nephew and you cant guard Mike”

    Brayden and Noah Gaming

    †RVSTY TEVSPOON† no they can’t idiot

    Lil'Blick Wit Da Stick

    @Killian Krummel When!?!? Lmao!!!!

    Killian Krummel

    @Lil’Blick Wit Da Stick
    Week 1 2017: 5-45 on 8 targets
    2017 Divisional: 3-48-1 on 8 targets vs Thomas per pff. Rhodes missed some game time when MT heated up. MT was 0 for 3 on the last drive vs Xavier.

Silver Is The Name

Damn #81 last year to #13 this year love the growth baybeee. WHO DAT ⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️


    Silver Is The Name #blewdat

    Dalton Smith

    Silver Is The Name Who Dat Nation ⚜️⚜️⚜️


    Silver Is The Name he’s overrated. Also he’s the 3rd best wr in his division😂😂

Christy Staude

They beat the piss out of my eagles last year. These last two videos gave me PTSD.

    Kucci Ku

    at least yall bounced back from that first lost, I was there saints were playing around the second half lol

Anthony Sestanovic

My guess for top 10.
#10 Aaron Rodgers
#9 Von Miller
#8 Antonio Brown
#7 Julio Jones
#6 Tom Brady
#5 Khalil Mack
#4 Drew Brees
#3 Todd Gurley
#2 Patrick Mahomes
#1 Aaron Donald


    For all yall out there saying mahomes is better than Donald, let’s get this strait. Mahomes plays a more valuable position, but Donald is the best to play his position ever. 20.5 sacks, from the inside, while being double/triple teamed everytime. He deserves #1. There is a reason he graded out at #1 by like 2.5 points by PFF.

    corban Starkey

    Brown and Rogers don’t deserve to be too ten

    corban Starkey

    @Marked Productions Hopkins already ranked

    corban Starkey

    @Adrian Barnes Julio did nothin what are you smoking

    corban Starkey

    @Jay Gangster you think ab better than Julio lmao

2 Tough

His name is can’t gaurd mike for a reason

Arthur Ban

Three saints in top 20!!!! ( Drew Bree’s will obviously be there) wow. My saints are winning the super bowl this year.


Mike Thomas the next level of Marques Colston

    Jay Johnson

    MT got some Fitzgerald and JJ in him too

    FinesserMario TV

    @Jay Johnson jj?

    Jay Johnson

    @FinesserMario TV Julio Jones my friend

    FinesserMario TV

    @Jay Johnson yeah a little bit of Julio in him, not enough speed but your spot on with Julio’s other components.

Mr Q Ceaz

I’m surprised Marcus Peters didn’t retire at halftime like Vontae Davis did after what Thomas did to him smh

    Clash Of The Horns

    Where was mike Thomas in the NFC Championship Game????

    kevin cabral

    @Clash Of The Horns Likely covered by a corner and a safety, since he’s pretty much the entire wr corp. *I’m a born Pats fan, so I’m not complaining. Lol.

    big lea

    @kevin cabral he not a bum

    big lea

    @Clash Of The Horns my point he’s not a top 5 wr

ᴘᴑᴐᴋᴇᴙY L e G ᴉ t - I DON’T CARE

Michael Thomas: 13
Top 100 #13
Makes sense 🤔

    V fa' Vellian

    Same with Phillip Rivers, lol.

    Ahmad Mims

    V fa’ Vellian damn I didn’t even peep phillip

    Obinna Nwakwue

    Taylor Lewan too

Darell Woodard

All I know is that Michael Thomas holds the Record for most catches by a Wide Receiver in his first 3 seasons in NFL HISTORY now that’s saying alot.

Brandon Myles

Michael Thomas 125 receptions, next receiver on saints had 28 receptions. PAY THIS MAN !!!!

    Tolu Akinola

    They listened

    clarks hat

    If actually watch the games you would know ted ginn got injured so thier second option at receiver had to be a rookie. Not only that drew was passing to kamara and ingram soooooo…

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