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12s Travel Guide: Cleveland | 2019 Seattle Seahawks

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    😎 Cool

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Dan T Reply

Best pizza in cleveland is Angelos in lakewood. Best place to eat when its chilly out in cleveland is Stone Mad Irish Pub. They have a really nice stone patio. Your like 15 mins from downtown and 5 mins the lake

A Fucking Bird Reply

Time to get the W! Gohawks!!

cedric williams Reply


neurocell Reply

Hopefully it lives up to it’s billing as a Factory of Sadness.

I lived in Western Ohio from ’72-’76, moving to Kirkland just in time for the Seahawks inaugural season. An 8 year old kid in a new city with a brand new team? Yep, I was hooked.

I’ll be watching the game with some 12th Men, and one Browns fan this weekend in Long Beach, CA.

Go Hawks.

Benjamin Farias Reply

I like Jamar Taylor. Even before he played a snap for us, I thought it was a good signing.

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