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joel :c

Where is Nathan Peterman I’m worried!?!?!


    Number 1….being the best defensive QB deserves nothing less

    Mikhail Washington

    He’s #1

    Serik Jones

    Number 1

    Scorpio Dynasty X

    Mans top 5. Don’t worry 😂 😂

Emperor Palpatine

Not only is he a great player, he’s an amazing dude.


    420 for JJ. Watt

    Ted Lee

    If he donates to something, he makes sure EVERYBODY knows about it.


    Ted Lee yeah I find him kind of annoying tbh, especially his Instagram humble brags


    Emperor Palpatine when Lawrence Taylor played nobody said he was an amazing dude as well. You are racist

Kucci Ku

would be best defensive player in history if injuries didnt derailed him



    T. York

    @Mikey Lalor I can see that and respect your opinion. My only rebuttal would be the book is still being written on Watt (and Donald to your point), and I don’t think a guy can be seen as a game changer until he’s done with the game. Watt can easily be seen by youngsters today the way we see LT, once his career is done and viewed in a vacum with the batted balls, TDs (offensive and defensive ) DPOYs, and multiple 15+ sack seasons. At the end of the day they may see it as game changing. Honestly I think a true game changer makes the league change a rule, makes coaches develop a scheme specifically to stop said player, or makes many other players try to mimic said players playing style…. LT most definitely is that. My only point is JJ is much closer to making that a reality than Donald, but I do agree both are capable and have time. (JJ is just closer… much closer IMO)

    Nick Green

    Corbanaa A have you ever watched highlights of JJ watt during his mvp seasons? He was better than Mack. Mack is an unreal player and is already a first ballet hall of famer, but JJ was even better. JJ played in 8 games in the last 2 seasons, then came back and had more sacks than Mack. Mack may be a bit better now but he isn’t as good as watt was in those mvp years

    Mikey Lalor

    @T. YorkYork your right, I’m jumping the gun a bit on what needs to be done for these two to reach or exceed LT. But I do agree Watt is better as it has shown since he entered the league back in 2011, teams have drafted faster offensive linemen because of Watt’s swim move with his arms and his first step are incredibly hard to stop. Honestly, if this is what we’re talking about now, it doesn’t matter if we watching Donald or Watt, I just can’t wait for football to come back (regular season football) to bear witness to such greatness in action.

Emperor William Rezel The 9th

Oof JJ Watt. Can Jetson Junior power a 12 volt battery?

    Riddy Everything


Nitro 0_o

I have been refreshing for the past hour

    Nathan Mesa

    Nitro 0_o same

Patrick Bruno

Is it just me or did Ja’wuan James actually blink at 1:36?

    Patrick Bruno

    Jhovan Garcia 😂 First come first serve

    Can we be the most subscribed channel on YouTube ?

    I don’t get it

    Patrick Bruno

    Can we be the most subscribed channel on YouTube ?| He never blinks

Kush Rao

Reminds me if Gronk. Great player plagued by injuries.

    Thomas Hoffman

    Kush Rao was only injures in 3 of his seasons . It was just a snowball effect cause they kept forcing him to come back too soon. Gronkowski was different.

    Antonio Becerril

    JJ is our most dependable player. The injuries started plaguing him for two seasons and two seasons only.

    Kush Rao

    @Thomas Hoffman but it was like three straight seasons pretty much


    JJ Watt got big injuries in one stretch and hasn’t had much in other seasons. Gronks were more constant.

Aaron Beaulieu

Damn only 11 spots left, starting to worry that Nathan Peterman got snubbed

    Krishna Widardjo

    Johnny Manziel?

    Thomas Hoffman

    The meme annoys me .


    Didn’t know who he was when I read this comment so I looked him up. I now see this was joke haha

Amelia Henson

2nd in sacks and led the AFC. Welcome back JJ

    Feli Jährling

    oh andd most ff not to forget 😀 (or is it ffb) idont knnow the right shortcuts not my primary language sorry

    daniel Quiroga

    Who’s the 1?

    Amelia Henson

    @daniel Quiroga Donald. Watt was 2nd overall in the league. 1st AFC

HTX 713

Had a down year coming back from an injury and still had 16 sacks💀


    @Thomas Hoffman playoffs

    Thomas Hoffman

    YEAH IGHT I’m talking about regular season.

    Man Cave Sports TV

    He’ll be back at #1 like he was a few years ago

    Noah Hull

    Wouldn’t say he had a down year at all..

Jack Barnes

You can physically hear JJ’s motor through his breathing 😂

the Greatjon

Back from injury and still was better than Clowney

    Il Valentino

    the Greatjon 🤡ey. But in all seriousness he is a dog too he’s just better as a run stopper than a pass rusher

Too Easy

Let’s not act like Watt not a top 5 player🤦🏿‍♂️

    Moose OndalooseEH

    Gary john Watt I’ll take the guy that’s able to play at two positions to give my D more flexibility and a guy who stays healthier. I like watt but I would take Arron Donald or Kahlil Mack over him any day no question

    Gary john Watt

    @Moose OndalooseEH the injury knock on jj is a legit critique. The other thing you said isn’t true though watt is very versatile can line up all over the line and can even play tight end 😉

    Antonio Becerril

    @Moose OndalooseEH 😂😂 I miss read it, of course JJ Watt is better

    Moose OndalooseEH

    Antonio Becerril he is not better then Donald or Mack. On the sheer fact they both stay healthier then him. Play wise I think having any three on your team is a win but he can’t stay healthy so therefor he’s not on the field so the other two get ranked higher. Donald tho as a interior D and all those sacks o truly think Donald is the best D linemen in all of football

Heso Melo

Ima Rams fan but I love JJ Watt

    Jalin Davis

    It’s crazy cuz I’m a Texans fan & thts how I feel bout AD I call him the Black JJ😂😂😂

Icee Jordan

So Quenton Nelson is an all-pro his rookie year and doesn’t make the list

    Icee Jordan

    caelen feeney no he won’t

    Ben Winkler

    The players never show o linemen too much love on the list


    And freaking QBs continue to get overrated despite being the most inconsistent on among the ones around them. Travis Kelce is better at his position than Russell Wilson is at his. Bobby Wagner should be at least close to the top 5

Cristian Marquez

Aaron Donald is genuinely happy talking about JJ!

    HTX 713

    Lol dude really looked happy gotta love that dude he genuinely loves football

    Top Dawg

    Mutual respect

    T. York

    That’s because he’s not like most fans he recognizes game. Lawrence Taylor also glows when he talks about JJ Watt. The Talking Heads and fans are the only ones dumb enough to compare and talk greatest ever. Real players recognize and show respect. He also knows JJ Watt has three Defensive Player of the Year Awards and the only other person to do that is Lawrence Taylor!

    Jimmy Mata

    Yeah he appreciates greatness while him wanting to the the best knowing who he chasing 🔥😈respect that about the guy🔥💯👌

Noah Ramos

0:21 that will be single handedly the worst mistake that little girl has ever made in her life. Not high fiving, fist bumping, or taking the ball JJ Watt offered her 😔🤦‍♂️

    fitness addict

    Noah Ramos she was probably terrified. He’s a big guy😂

Ainz Ooal Pwn 229

🤣🤣😭Taylor Lewan’s reaction 😂😂


So we just gonna ignore that Ja’wuan james hasn’t slept in 20 years?


    Actually 25 years


Taylor Lewan looked like he was having PTSD flashbacks when they asked him about JJ

    Paul Fernandez

    For real 😅

    Jalin Davis

    He had a bunch to say about Clowney😂😂 Lewan a CLOWN

    Jimmy Mata


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