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Kell Duan

This man had zero drops and still is only 2 spots higher than last year…

    Gage Nichols

    @Daniel Willson Lets see proof bud.


    Ikr hes a legit beast

    Kyle Tran

    Gage Nichols but he’s still not better than Julio or ab


    @Doo Doo Butter Maybe the play didn’t count. May have been a foul or something.

    Gage Nichols

    @Kyle Tran thats random I never said he was lol. I actually didnt compare him to anyone else all I ever talked about was him not dropping a pass. But thanks for the irrelevant comment bud.

Elite Clone24

Bro the disrespect on my dawg, smh should be top 10

    Dr. Disco

    ​@Kyle Tran Key word : 2019 (and moving foward). Id much rather build a football team on a sure handed, perfect route runner than a deep threat that runs out routes. Dont get me wrong, AB is a freak but his play style isnt what wins you football games down in december. Also, if you want to talk stats, Hops had SIGNIFICANTLY better ypg, catch/target%, yards per target and receptions per game. He was the Better receiver last year by a very decent margin. Above all that, Big Ben threw for 1k more than Watson.

    Kyle Tran

    Dr. Disco well yeah but juju had 1000 yards plus, so yeah. Of course Big Ben gonna have more yards. Also ab is a better route runner than d hop. But d hop does have better hands. You wanna talk deep threat, ab scored a lotta tds from 30-50 yards out. If you wanna talk stats. Ab had 4 more tds. He could’ve had close to 1400 yards and 16 tds if he played last game, just he had 1297 yards and 15 tds, so that wouldn’t be hard to do. Now if you look at that he’d have 5 more tds, and only about 200 yards less. I rather have 5 more tds than 200 yards. Even without the game he missed still had 4 more tds, and 300 yards less. Still, I rather get 4 more tds than 300 yards. So ab did have a better season statistically, not to mention splitting targets with juju, while d hop got a majority of the targets. Also ab had 1.2 yards less per catch than d hop. That’s add up in the long run of like 3 or 4 years, but in one year that’s 120 more yards. But again ab had average 1 td a game and d hop had .6875 tds a game. Sure d hop got more yards per target, but ab got more yards after catch. Ab has 5 yards after catch while d hop has 3.7. And yeah d hop has receptions meaning, ab got all those tds with less catches, and more yac yards after the catch. Ab is just as dominant statistically and in the actual game as d hop if not better. Yes I did say 2019 and forward cuz d hop is younger and therefore a longer span of usage.

    Obinna Nwakwue

    @CKGC Zachary dude Schaub was the Texans’ best QB until Watson

    poloking TV

    Ken Na bro he’s a top 5 player

    Kyle Tran

    poloking TV bro he’s not a top 5 player


Deandre Hopkins was the BEST WR last season. Anyone who disagrees will be turned to dust along with me.

    Michael Hanna

    @Kyle Tran the pro bowl is a popularity contest just like this list

    carrot is cracked

    1000th like

    Amy Puri

    I’d say better than brown but not Julio


    carrot is cracked I hope they remember you

Josue Torres

How is he not the highest ranked wide receiver 🤷🏽‍♂️

    Good Times

    A. Cooper from cowboy is better then Hopkins

    Tate Newman

    Not saying that Thielen is better than Hopkins but Thielen made a catch against the Saints that Hopkins can’t make


    @Tate Newman That catch was good don’t get me wrong, but it wasn’t a catch that I’ve never seen before. I’ve seen players catch a ball like that plenty of times. For the amount of times that I’ve seen Hop catch over or in between players, I’m sure he could do that if the situation was provided. There are plenty of college players who have caught a ball like that, so saying the player with the best hands in the NFL can’t do it just doesn’t make sense.


    Josue Torres

    Easiest the best hands in the league


So ab and julio are higher than him? I’m fine with julio being higher but ab? What are these people smoking.

    Matthew Vides

    @darragh O i know but considering how tight it is. Aaron rodgers shouldn’t be top 10 then


    Goatest bruh these are NFL players choosing who’s better. THERE NFL PLAYERS, your not. Obviously AB is a better WR, 1200 yds 15 TDs 2 missed games, off field issues. Julio and Dhop monsters but AB been consistent.

    The Masoko

    Vedant Leva yes they were every superstar receiver gets covered the same it’s just the better receivers make plays and Hopkins is better than Julio and AB just accept it

    Toluwalase Ojo

    They’re smoking dicks

    Westcoast Sports Unlimited

    AB definitely better

Guilian Rendino

That catch should’ve counted it was not a pass interference

    Bagged Milk

    Guilian Rendino facts he got robbed on that play

    Zachary Duncan

    He did drop at least one. Look at Ramsey’s top 100, and also watch RAN$OM w Lil Tecca to see what I’m taking about. They acting like ZERO DROPS is an official stat line. Great receiver, but str8 lies on this video.

    Zachary Duncan

    There’s a RAN$OM Jalen Ramsey highlight video that shows that drop.

    Bagged Milk

    @Zachary Duncan i dont really know exactly how the dropped pass stat works, but im assuming that play would count as a pass breakup towards ramsey rather than a dropped pass by hopkins, because hopkins had his hands on it but ramsey dug the ball out and forced the incompletion. personally id say it shouldve counted as a drop as well as a breakup, but like i said i dont really know how they calculate dropped passes so i could be missing something.


    @Zachary Duncan its pass break up, the drop counts when a WR drops the ball without anyone touching it but himself

Emiliano Perez

Dats complete Bs the best wide receiver in the league with no drops,smoked every corner in the game and gets number 11 wow cruel nfl players just cruel

    Rogelio Mora

    Izayah Thorb Hopkins played badly injured. He basically had one arm out there.

    Thank You 3000

    Izayah Thorb he’s the goat


    Izayah Thorb played with a Torn shoulder and a sprained. Try harder


    He did drop a pass when guarded by Gilmore, look at the Stephon Gilmore video and it shows him knocking the ball out of Deandres hands


That electric guitar during his catches got me hyped I’m ngl

    Noah Svoboda

    What’s that solo name or whatever?


This is straight disrespectful, should be at least a top 10 player smh

    Elevated Thinker

    Bruh, 11 is literally 1 spot after 10, chill out.


    @Elevated Thinker With 0 drops really should be top 5

Jhovan Garcia

I’m liking ALL y’all comments lmaoo the damn disrespect smh 🤦‍♂️


    well can you name a receiver getting as many touches as he does AND have 0 drops? How is he the 3rd best receiver in the ranking? Kinda feel like he should be over them.

Cruz PT

Bruh. D Hop was snubbed. He shoulda been top 5

    RoPe Clan

    Top 5 is a stretch but he’s the best WR right now

    Good Times

    @RoPe Clan not better then Julio

    Jonathen de aragao

    @Good Times if you look at the stats for the past 2 to three years hopkins is the best in the league…smh yall disrespectful, this dude is unreal and underrated still believe or not

Ty Griffin

I had him in fanasty and only lost on his bye week


    I had AB and won my entire league. TDs gives more points than yds. And AB got a td nearly every week

Simrat Singh

If a receiver has 0 drops and is targeted as much he is, and he isn’t top 10, either I’m tripping or that’s straight BLASPHEMY

    Jonathen de aragao

    @Ruben bro what…are u dumb or something…according to the NFL and every normal non braindead person in this world, hopkins has not dropped a pass


    Jonathen de aragao What did I just tell you?? Are you dumb?? Do you not have eyes?? Go look at the Stephon Gilmore video it clearly shows him dropping a pass, don’t believe in everything your told


    Jonathen de aragao Go, He’s #22 this year so just go into the NFL YouTube channel and look at #22 Stephon Gilmore hitting Deandre making him drop a pass


    Jonathen de aragao If you don’t believe me see with your own eyes Deandre dropping a pass

JC Zermeno08


*watches between the legs catch*

Me: ohhhhh

    Baby Zayfolks

    JC Zermeno08 😂😂😂

D Dizzle

Hopkins deserves top 10 .. didn’t drop not ONE pass this season , Arguably had like 3 catches of the year

New York

I think madden ranks the players better than the NFL.
This brother should be top 10 easily

Mike Erwin

11? Might as well not even put him on the list if you’re gonna show that much disrespect.

    Zachary Duncan

    The video is inaccurate. He did drop some, jus check out Jalen Ramsey’s top 100. Great receiver, but misleading stat line.

    Mike Erwin

    @Zachary Duncan Hopkins had one “drop” in that video and the main reason he didn’t catch it is because he barely had gotten his hands on it when Jalen Ramsey grabbed it and more or less ripped it out of his hands


Yo im excited to see Mack and Donald in the top 10…

Maybe one of them will be #1

Jay Johnson

Just imagine if D-HOP had Andre Johnson as a teammate tho like that would’ve been 🔥

    Htown Q

    Jay Johnson that would have been sooo fireeee he getting disrespected just like dre did smh

Arjuna Saputra

Coach: how many times you can catch the balls

Deandre Hopkins : yes

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