100 Years of Bears History: 1970s – 2010s – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Big Ounced

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Christian Townsend

I’ve been a Bears fan since I was 3 years old and I’m a college student now and I still love the Bears because I’m from Chicago and I will always be a Bears fan

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2010-1970=100 🤔

But for real best team ever 🐻⬇️

    max perez

    guess you didn’t see the post from yesterday the 1920-1960s


Im a 3rd gen diehard bears fan in my family. Grandpa started following em as a boy in the 30’s and has carried down the tradition!

SouthSide Chicago

Nice to see how football used to be a manly sport, without all the penalties for touching a QB too hard.

Destiny Hogue

RIP Doug Buffone and Walter Payton

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