#10: Von Miller (LB, Broncos) | Top 100 Players of 2019 | NFL – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Rookstar21 Reply

Surprised he wasn’t higher I hate the broncos but that man is a beast

    Andrew DeHerrera Reply

    Emperor Penguin , bruh how is he on the decline he’s in his prime as a pass rusher, he’s slept on cuz the broncos aren’t good

    Andrew DeHerrera Reply

    Emperor Penguin , bruh the defense sucked, von is the best pass rusher in the league he was the bright spot on a bad team

    Papa Fupa Reply

    Emperor Penguin Bruh he’s basically at his peak. With Vic Fangio coaching he’s going to be even better.

    Luke Sanchez Reply

    how can you hate the broncos

    Jack McNaughton Reply

    Emperor Penguin 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

leGoat is the best player ever of all timer. Reply

Peterman number 1 no debate💯

    Exel Reply

    leGoat is the best player ever of all timer. “hes the goat, the greatest of all time” – jon gruden

    Dak 4 Reply

    Dibka AUTTP/YTP do you not watch football?!?!? Peterman is literally the greatest of all time and it’s not even close

    Mr.Schnitzel Reply

    @Dibka AUTTP/YTP it’s not a joke for most people Peterman is the most talented football player they’ve ever seen. I don’t think there’s a quarterback taday better than him

    Dibka AUTTP/YTP Reply

    Just reverse Matt Ryan’s 2018 stats and he’s #1

    eagle man jones Reply

    Blake bortles

SangheiliWarrior Reply

I would like to point out that Chris Harris got snubbed and is a top 5 CB. Or 3 top of that matter

    broadcastdave Reply

    @Jeffrey L they released it on the NFL app and other outlets. I’m sure if you go to the NFL.com page you can find it. It was called players that just missed the cut or something like that

    Champ Solo Reply

    They had Sherman over him and he was getting smoked last year.

    Larry’s The goat Reply

    SangheiliWarrior no what the fook 😂

    Andy S Reply

    For Chris to get snubbed is an absolute travesty. He is one of the top 5 CB’s in the league.

    Altitude Magic Reply

    CHJr is the most consistent, most underrated CB in the game.
    I watched a lot of corners come and go while CHJr did his thing and got that 50 ring.

Jay Johnson Reply

Von Miller is a beast and imho a broncos Legend to me

    Tyrell Ingram Reply

    That’s not a opinion, that’s a straight fact

    shravan kannan Reply

    He’s up there with Elway and Shannon Sharpe.

    Adhy Nugroho Reply

    He’s already top 10 player in Broncos’ history. Easily their best defensive player ever.

    But let’s not forget to appreciate how D. Ware helped him to mature in the league.

    Jack Trippin777 Reply

    An NFL legend

Branden Forestal Reply


    Joshua Johnson Reply

    yo momma’s toilet Bit Cam didn’t play that many games this year so his stats are inflated

    yo momma's toilet Reply

    @Joshua Johnson bro are you high he played 14 out of 16

    Ken Reply

    @Emperor Penguin facts

    Johnny Tsunami Reply

    I’m saying bro smh

AngelJordanBruh Reply

Number 10???? Wow let’s get it Miller!!! 2019 is gonna be huge

    Benjamin Farias Reply

    Why are you surprised? I could’ve told you Von Miller is a top 10 player in the league.

    Dustin Stephens Reply

    #9 last year…

    Barry Galer Reply

    Benjamin Farias it’s because they put Khalil Mack higher 😂

Evan Bak Reply

can’t wait to see my boy mike daniels at #1

    Sudish Vengat Reply

    Nah, Nathan Peterman is the real 🐐

    BIRD FLOCK Reply

    @Sudish Vengat that joke is DEAD

    Depressed Florida Fan Reply

    @BIRD FLOCK Jon Gruden brought it back.

    Waitless Reply

    @BIRD FLOCK Lol the reason why it is reiterated is because they benched a starter mid season while in the playoff hunt for him thinking he was better then all hell broke loose from there. He will continue to be known as the GOAT as long as he’s still on an nfl roster

    Jack Trippin777 Reply

    Wait till Daniel Jones gets number 1 next season 😅😂🤣

JordanDaGoat x Reply

I’m still struggling to grasp how Matt Ryan is ranked 69th while playing MVP level, while rookie Baker Mayfield with much worse stats and basically the same team record was ranked 50th

    Sauce Money Reply

    chris madsen you know how stupid of a statement that is right?
    They end up watching more football than all of us because there’s a little something called a film room they spend 20 hours a week in mandatory

    shaq hall Reply

    That’s bc Baker single handedly turned around the 0-16 Browns and started winning games and the players are used 2 Matt Ryan putting up decent stats

    Naughtius Maximus Reply

    And the Superbowl mvp edelman ranked 90th. Jokes

    dsgb 27 Reply

    Same here bro

    Willard Peck Reply

    Naughtius Maximus My shoe would’ve won MVP that game 😂. Dude missed games for cheating…90 is generous

freddy medina Reply

Can someone translate what Von said ? I dont speak GOAT 🐏🐏🐏🐏🐏🐏

    aubrey jorden Reply

    freddy medina clever

    THE SAUCE Reply

    you mean most overrated in the league

    Jaden V Reply

    He said “baaaaaahahahahaa” or something like that

    HoboSaltyMouse Reply

    @THE SAUCE ur just mad that he isnt on your home team

Adrian Wong Reply

Von Miller, chubb and CHJ is honestly one of the only things that kept the broncos having a respectable record and not one of the worst, and I’m a Broncos fan.

    DGMoney Reply

    This a L

    Hakeem Johnson Reply

    No Lindsay

    Bruce Fizer Reply

    I don’t think we had a respectable past 2 seasons

    Benjamin Farias Reply

    Even with Harris and Chubb, I’d say that defense sucks without Von Miller.

    kaopua1972 Reply

    As a Raiders fan I hate all 31 teams, as a fan of football Mr.Miller, you a Baaaaaad man. Aloha from Mauna Kea!

Nvision Reply

No Denying he’s been the most consistent edge rusher for a while now

    The Humble Memphian Reply

    Ryan Kerrigan Prolly Most Underrated Edge Rusher No Doubt His Numbers Consistent Year In Year Out

    Wolfof Reply

    Khalil LACK is overrated, dude doesnt have a single playoff sack lmao. Miller> Lack

    Dustin Stephens Reply

    @Wolfof yeah cause he played for the Raiders, fool.

    Barry Galer Reply

    Nikola Ilic lmao you’re a redskins fan huh. must be hard

Loyal Philly fan Reply

Still the best pass rusher in the league. Last defensive player to win super bowl mvp💯

    youknowwhyimhere b Reply

    Loyal Philly fan Miller is a damn beast but let’s not forget the great secondary he had that allowed him to get to the QB

    YEAH IGHT Reply

    @Andrew DeHerrera You said von has 20 more sacks than j.j. he has 6 more and that’s because he’s played in 16 more games. Watt also has 154 TFl von has 125. Watt also has 244 QB hits while Miller has 195. Watt caught a 80 yard pick six while also having 357 tackles von has 352. But most importantly watt scored 3 offensive touchdowns Miller has zero. By the way watt is a 5x pro bowler with 5 first team all pros. He literally missed 2 SEASONS. Watt is the better pass rusher 1 season he had 20.5 sacks.

    FunnyFox Reply

    Bramah Bramah What about John Randle, Warren Sapp, or Reggie White?

    Wolfof Reply

    Khalil LACK is overrated, dude doesnt have a single playoff sack lmao. Miller> Lack

    YEAH IGHT Reply

    @Wolfof lmao “Khalil lack”

Jerewy Reply

I just realized that chandler Jones got snubbed BIG TIME

    luis sanchez Reply


    Ethan DuFresne-Brown Reply

    Jerewy imagine how Kevin Byard feels

    Papa Martin Reply

    Jerewy And deforest buckner

Mr Q Ceaz Reply

I love Khalil Mack he is the truth but Von Miller is the best Outside Linebacker in the league of not the best period

    broadcastdave Reply

    Miller is a better linebacker but Mack is a better overall player because he can play two positions at an elite level.

    That said I would rather have Von because he has a better personality.

    Mr Q Ceaz Reply

    @broadcastdave I would hate to be a QB on the other side of EITHER of them smh

    Wolfof Reply

    Khalil LACK is overrated, dude doesnt have a single playoff sack lmao. Miller> Lack

    Mr Q Ceaz Reply

    @Wolfof lol u wild for that one

    X T Reply

    @broadcastdave von is still better than Mack and I would have him on my team every day of the week

Scottie Pippen Carried Me In My Career Reply

one of a few defensive players who can give Brady a difficult time on the field.

    G Stackz Reply

    @*95 Savage* *95 Savage* why would i not comment? I’m an avid Broncos fan so of course im gonna put out fun facts because thats all it was. commenting lol doesn’t make me think you were wrong about anything.

    Altitude Magic Reply

    The Broncos are the only franchise to give brady a tough time.
    I think he is barely .500 vs Broncos. Has a losing record @MileHigh.

    Zalis116 Reply

    @Altitude Magic Brady’s 8-9 against the Broncos, although the Belichick-coached Patriots are 10-9 thanks to a couple of Brady-less victories in 2000 and 2008.

GoatestShuckler Reply

Greatest Bronco on the defensive side behind Steve atwater.

    Tyson Kent Reply

    GoatestShuckler yeah man everybody here in Denver is mad that Bailey got in the HOF before Atwater. It really js a shame to be quite honest

    Kevin Moran Reply

    Von Miller is the 2nd greatest bronco ever

    Kevin Moran Reply

    Wtf has champ done

    Mitch Aser Reply

    Kevin Moran champ was stuck on awful Broncos teams of the 2000s, of course he’s not going to win super bowl MVP. He did pick off Tom Brady and return it 100 yards and basically win us that game against the GOAT.

JR0752 Gamer Reply

THE TRUE GGGOOOOOOAATT 🐐 🐐 🐐 🐐 💯 🔥 🥇 🏆 Can’t wait to see him tomorrow at the Football Hall of Fame Game!

    TheReal_rude_panda Reply

    JR0752 Gamer he might not play. Only the 2nd and 3rd teams are playing tomorrow. Only a starters will play.

Off Thursdays Reply

This video was so good because of what he said at the end

Danny Wilson Jr. Reply

This dude is scraight to the HOF no doubt 🔥

Lord Maul Reply

Without he who is named Von. Super Bowl 50 would’ve belonged to the Panthers.

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