1 on 1 with new linebacker Jamie Collins | Detroit Lions – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Steven Kasten Reply


    Spencer Waddell Reply

    Soooooo you guys tied for first rock paper scissors?

Sentiment Reply


    Spencer Waddell Reply

    Soooooo it looks like a tie for first rock paper scissors?

Tem Reply

great content

James Brown Reply

Welcome to Detroit Mr. Collins.

Basil Alqadhi Reply

Only the lions would pay a 31 year old lb 10+mill after getting 1mill a year with pats 🤣🤣 Bob Quinn is clueless and destroying the lions

    Norm Jay Reply

    You act like this is Florida. You gone have to pay dearly for someone to come to this dumpster fire of a sports town

    Kyle Renneberg Reply

    @Norm Jay sounds to me like someone’s vagina is sour at a football team!

    Norm Jay Reply

    @Kyle Renneberg Its crazy I’m not playing for the lions unless they over pay me too

    Foolish Samurah Reply

    Can you do better, I highly doubt that

    James D'KAI [DAH-KAY] Reply

    The one thing that I Was say to your comment. If you get young thoroughbreds in here to ride out thru the season your vets would take you over the top. That’s something the Lions history has never had. He’s a winner man.

Roadside Scarecrow Reply

Great signing for the Lions.

Jimmie Pierce Reply

Great signing

dramatic zayne Reply

I hope all the signings don’t go to waste

Squidward's Clarinet Reply

Good interview. A little glitchy.

ahmed makki Reply

The reason the patriots release or dont resign players is because the players are on the decline

    James D'KAI [DAH-KAY] Reply

    Amazing thing about that fact that you just stated. . Their declining players is better than r Prime players.

FootClann 004 Reply

Judging by Jamie’s demeanor and words he just sounds like he’s ready to work and possibly be “that guy” in terms of pumping up the team and kinda keeping things in order

We need more Alphas in the locker room and some outspoken guys to really push the whole team

Nate Burleson and Louis Delmas did that for us back in the day and we need more vocal guys

    James D'KAI [DAH-KAY] Reply

    If you notice all those players from New England that we got here is pretty much that type of vibe. They really don’t do all that talk, they don’t like all that talkin stuff. They tough mentally. I like that. I like that man.

    James D'KAI [DAH-KAY] Reply

    Yeah you right the difference is they talked it, but they were winners. The guys that Quinn brought in here is Battle tested. They won and loss in Super Bowls.

Thomas Zielinski Reply

Welcome Mr. Collins we are are Extremely happy to have you on our team.

Elijah Roberts Reply

The Lions will crush his soul in time. Also he came here cause he couldn’t get that kinda money anywhere else in the league.

Antione Hitchcock Reply

Chill on the parkour bra. We need you on the field homie lol

James D'KAI [DAH-KAY] Reply


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