1 on 1 with new defensive tackle Danny Shelton – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Assassinatedcollin Reply

First #onepride


These videos are awesome

PredatorKingdom Reply

Tori looking yummy as always and Danny Shelton is my favorite pickup from Quinn during this free agency run so far because he’s a huge upgrade from Snacks last year and he’s on the upside of his career at a much younger age. Glad we’re getting these whiners and soft players from the Caldwell outta here like Slay and getting tougher guys that fit in with Patricia’s identity going forward. #DaOutsiders

    Eric Brunett Reply

    Yea she does I think she looks like she could be Drew Barrymore’s little fine sister

    PredatorKingdom Reply

    @Eric Brunett Yeah I can see the Drew Barrymore in her they have the same jawline too. She can definitely pass for Drew Barrymore’s fine little sister for sure.

Ryan Flanagan Reply


Chris Caahbaugh Reply

This kids gonna be good for us in so many ways

A Fucking Bird Reply

I’m on ya channel now!

Jacob Olson Reply

The only defensive tackle we got lol

    Jacob Olson Reply

    Spencer Waddell can’t wait to see these guys in the postseason………

    Spencer Waddell Reply

    @Jacob Olson lol yeah we will be fine we got shelton hand whose phenomenal in his rookie season and we got the draft as well you forgot that think derrick brown Loki fotu raekwon davis big class

    Jacob Olson Reply

    Spencer Waddell Jesus Christ man from one lions fan to another why do you do this to yourself there is no hope there never will be any hope.

    Jacob Olson Reply

    Spencer Waddell we have no defensive line and you think we’re gonna draft up a defensive line and have it coached by who exactly Patricia? Patricias best bud Undlin? They both suck tremendously

    Spencer Waddell Reply

    @Jacob Olson trey flowers did really good the 2nd half of the season danny shelton dominated this year 3 sacks and what 40 tackles great year and jamie collins is here as well and once again we have the draft and matt gave us the 10 ranked defence 2 years ago and we were ranked 12 in the first half till all of the injuries plus nick William’s had 6 sacks so that is nice


Welcome to Detroit Shelton! Excited for you to stopping that run!

Cj Mac Reply

Trufant next 🔥

panda mein Reply

I do like this signing based on the money

Trojeinator Reply

Welcome danny. Detroit lions fans are relieved to have you buddy💪

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