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1% Better Every Day | Philadelphia Eagles

Watch as Philadelphia Eagles players WR DeVonta Smith, DT Jordan Davis, S Anthony Harris, C Jason Kelce, and C Cam Jurgens compete in practice, aiming to get 1% better every day.

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CK Lunatic Reply

Glad to see Nick still uses Frank’s phrases

    Kenzo Rome Reply

    Frank should use more than phrase’s being as overrated as he is

DoThisForFun • Reply

Bro seeing Jurgens work with Kelce is great sign for our future at Center.

    ninetyfour Reply

    Yes, he is retiring after next season, and we can have a polished C for years to come.

    B.E.R.N Network Reply

    That’s what I loved seeing the most.

    Swaggmire215 Reply

    Hell yea

pR1mal Reply

Smitty went into Gazelle Mode.


90 almost launched the dummy into the air smh

Amir Neptune Reply

Such a tease 😩…… Man I’m so excited for this upcoming season

    Torrey Reply

    tryna keep myself composed aaaaarghhh so good🤣

    Amir Neptune Reply

    @Torrey real talk lol

Jamesy Hardeman Reply

Beef Jurgy looking smooth!!!

Rigamortiz x Reply

This is amazing keep the content coming FLY EAGLES FLY 🦅🦅🦅🦅

It’s Maryann 🖤 Reply

Let’s go eagles I can’t wait to see what they bring this year

Candy’s Bunny she’s leaving for her Grands Reply

This season is gonna be ridiculous!!!!

Hikaru._.! Reply

Keep these coming !!!! Fly Eagles Fly

christopher c Reply

This defense will be legit

Pee-Wee Herman Reply

Smith’s highlights in college compared to rookie year indicates that once the NFL level SLOWS DOWN that he is capable of bringing bring his game to heights that this fan base hasn’t witnessed maybe ever.

I think we will look back on his rookie year and see someone who was hardly scratching the surface. In the right system Smitty can be a 6-8x Pro Bowler .

He’s got the chance to be better than Harold and Mike Quick which would make him the greatest WR in franchise history.

Get ready for some otherworldly TD grabs similar to his Odell-like catch vs LSU which was the defining moment and cemented him winning the Heisman Trophy.

FlYhIgH_11 Reply

That’s right get that work in

Sapient PL Stylz Reply

They need the coaches to be prestigiously aggressive and methodically inclined. I just want to sweep Dallas and Washington at home this upcoming season. Starting small with my expectations! 😌⚒️

=Ceez= Reply

Man the Eagles have so many great players now it’s insane

Lauren Becerra Reply

Devonta got legs 🦵 he need them xtra XTRA longs 😂

Bob Brawler Reply

Smitty omfg I’ll never not appreciate you 🐐🤘🏽

kitdacraze Philly the Kraze Reply

Devonte smith is quiet hardly seen him on film

Sotero A. Gomez Reply

Seeing Jurgy with Kelce means everything to me…

Swaggmire215 Reply

I’m excited for the young center jergens

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