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AestheticsisLife Reply

I agree with this ranking but I like how all the interior lineman support their kind and say he’s No. 1 without a doubt😂

    T.J. Gregory Reply

    They know how hard it is to do what he does.

    Matt Pawlowski Reply

    6-8 sacks is a lot for a DT. This guy put up better numbers than OLB/DEs. He’s definitely the best.

J Y Reply

Thoughts and prayers for the quarterbacks in that division.

    abizit gill Reply

    The rookie
    The injured moron and
    Mr one yard line himself all thank you for the prayers

    Chaos gaming Reply

    abizit gill how is he An injured moron?

    The Everything Channel Reply

    abizit gill you know your sad when you bring up an event 5 or 6 years later

    Alan Reply

    @abizit gill i’d take them all over Goof

    Jose Escobar Reply

    Donald and that defense has not faced Garoppolo or Murray yet 2019 is going to be a completely deferent season for the Rams

SlowBurn Reply

Is this man on LT levels? He’s freakishly insane….20+ sacks from the interior? STOP IT.

    Are you Serious Reply

    That’s what I’m saying lol from the freakin interior lol

    Michael Garrett Reply

    Well when you dont get called for hands to the face all year or roughing the passer then yeah his stats will get padded.

    Jonathan Graves Reply

    @Michael Garrett Man shut up these QB’s are more protected this year than ever before. Aaron Donald is one of the greatest defensive players to ever play the game and you’re getting mad that he taps them .2 seconds after getting rid of the ball

    Joel Bonilla Reply

    Jonathan Graves agreed Once Donald retires he’ll be the greatest defensive player ever

reservordog Reply

2:54 the sound when you stub your toe on the coffee table

Vixeral Reply

Absolute disgrace after the year Aaron Donald had…..should be higher smh 🤦🏽‍♂️

Pierre Reply

a DT at #1, that shows you how special is Aaron Donald, congrats dude, you deserve it

    John Halverson Reply

    The league is changing. There was this super interesting interview with Andy Reid, they asked him “what do you think the next big strategy will be in the NFL” and his answer was “More elite inside pass rushers, its fewer steps to the quarterback” I think it takes 8 steps for the fastest edge rushers to get to the QB and only four steps for a DT to get there. Aaron Donald is the pioneer of the new NFL.

    John94709 Reply

    I was thinking the same thing. A DT named best overall player in the league? What a BEAST!

    D X Reply

    John Halverson Interesting but at the same time edge rushers are mostly always 1 on 1 where as inside they have ti get through a wall, AD is just an outlier

SanYsl 95 Reply

That Respect to Robert Quin #94

    BuT wE’rE 3-0 wOu Reply

    Such an underrated DE. I wish he was on my Panthers, but, our defense is loaded now so it’s not a big deal

    jacob sims Reply

    cause right as donald got drafted was when quinn was dominating the league so it makes sense that he would’ve learned a lot from quinn

    Adam Reyes Reply

    Fort Dorchester High product! And his sister is an Olympic Athlete

    B Beasty Reply

    @Adam Reyes greenwave

    Edgar Rios-Segura Reply

    Quinn 🤘🏻


That did this 24 hours before the first NFL game 😅😅😅😅😅😅🤣🤣

Najee Watson Reply

Mike Daniels stop coming once he realized he wasn’t top 10 😂😂😂

    Joshua Medley Reply

    I think he already knew he wasn’t in the top 10 lol

    Ronan Mohyeddine Reply

    Joshua Medley r/woosh

    Elias estes Reply

    Nah cuz filming was in green bay 😭😭

Big Bucks Reply

Aaron Donald lowkey looks and sounds like a big Steph Curry

    Eli Vuitton Reply

    Big Bucks i can see it 💀

    Big Bucks Reply

    Joel Emgoat the prince of all goats lmao fr and the voice just top it off

    Big Bucks Reply

    Khalid Basha in a weird way, yeah.

    Noony Reply

    Curry – Pikachu

    Donald – Raichu

    1ewalk Reply


—— PointBlank Reply

Aaron Donald threatened the producers of nfl top 100. He said I want everything 99ovr

    garrett spearman Reply

    I don’t get it ? He wants what 99 overall ? Do you mean he threatened Madden ? Becuz NFL top 100 don’t rating 😅😂🤣😂😅

    —— PointBlank Reply

    garrett spearman its a joke go look at the madden adjust ratings video he wants everything 99ovr

    Isaac Sauceda Reply

    @—— PointBlank so he threatened madden producers, not NFL top 100 producers

    Ricky Fontaine Reply

    Wats so crazy is i use to make players like ad on like madden 06.. 5’8 – 5’11 300 pounds at dt with all stats on 99… Monster.. this dude a created player come to life thats crazy..

Arges Hagan Reply

Aaron Donald is GODZILLA the king of the monsters…

    Alberto Aguirre Reply

    Damn right

    Aryaan Hyder Reply

    That’s Von Miller, tutor of Aaron Donald so Aaron Donald is the Big better then his dad type

    312vandal Reply

    He’s trash…KHALIL MACK IS #1

    Joel Bonilla Reply

    312vandal Khalil is trash not on Donald’s or Vons Level

ThatoneboiDamir Reply

Mans did Alvin wrong af. Didn’t even tackle him, just a little shove. feelz bad

    CrazyChicken Reply

    ThatoneboiDamir lets see how you perform against a “little shove”

    ThatoneboiDamir Reply

    CrazyChicken like as in captions or as in real life?

    Wale Roscoe Reply

    @CrazyChicken shut up.

Turcios. Reply

As a Vikings fan, these highlight clips were brutal to watch lol, much props to Aaron Donald, well deserved!

Leroy Tonge Reply

As a patriots fan…..if he wasn’t number 1 I would’ve stop watching football……..period!!!

sheesh slime Reply

Yeah I hate being in the nfc west Aaron Donald is no fair

    Amanda and Dylan Timmons Reply

    Eli Vuitton, he’s in the nfc west so uhhhhh, maybe the Seahawks or the cardinals.

    Lil Nips Reply

    @Amanda and Dylan Timmons he has a photo of kd so I’m guessing the niners

    sheesh slime Reply

    Eli Vuitton 49ers 💁‍♀️

    sheesh slime Reply

    Lil Nips ding ding ding * correct

Jay Da Don Reply

NFL need to start giving MVP to defensive players

    BVBrocks927 Reply

    Hard to give it to him when patty is throwing 50 touchdowns

    Bowser With tits Reply

    Jay Da Don the last defensive player to win mvp was Lawrence Taylor if I remember correctly

Darian Hughes Reply

I appreciate how he said he borrowed a technique from an ex teammate, Robert Quinn. Shout out Quinn he’s from South Carolina baby.

    BuT wE’rE 3-0 wOu Reply

    Darian Hughes Yeah brother SC for life

    David Riddell Reply

    Very solid. And now his weakness unfortunately.

Isaiah Wakeen Reply

That throw down on Kirk Cousins might be my favorite play of the year!

TheTrashman Reply

5:16 Aaron Donald out there putting WR moves on an offensive lineman

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