What is Fantasy Football?

Football is a sport popular in almost every country, and people from all over watch the NFL weekly. Because of this, forms of gambling and other games that are dependent on NFL results and statistics have emerged. One example of this is Fantasy Football. This game is a interactive competition in which players act as general managers of virtual football teams based on real NFL teams. If you are a player of this game, you get to act as if you are a team’s general manager doing drafts, trades, adding or dropping players, and changing team rosters. This game has become increasingly popular since it was developed in the 1960s.

With the recent growth of the internet, fantasy games have become even more popular than ever before. People are able to compete against other players from all around the world. Since football statistics are regularly shown on providers like ESPN, Yahoo, and other websites, scores in newspapers need not be monitored because every game’s details can be found online.

For many years since, its beginning in the 1960s, fantasy football games have gradually grown in popularity. A test version of the first public fantasy football website was started in 1997. With this launch, the game’s popularity grew faster and within a span of 3 years, major sports pages on the internet began competition of fantasy football hosting sites. The NFL itself joined the trend when they released an official game of their own in 2010. The league launched its own NFL fantasy football the website. The launch boosted the game’s popularity even more, and the industry grew larger. Today, fantasy football is the most influential marketing means of the NFL.

Lately, it has been estimated that over 19 million people online compete in fantasy football games nationally, both in public and private leagues. In 2009, fantasy football was formally introduced in the mainstream with a sitcom based on the game itself, called The League.

Because of the extensive popularity of fantasy sports, and the availability of places featuring live football games, participants of fantasy football have had noticeable effects on football game viewing routines. Since they value the results of games better, they watch more telecasts, buy more tickets, and follow websites featuring football statistics and scores. Because of this, ticket sellers, television channels, and websites featuring football games and statistics also get an increase in their profit. The NFL also scored a deal in 2006 with the Sprint Corporation, that was pushed in part by fantasy games. With this, cellphone subscribers are able to monitor and draft their teams using only their mobile phones.

Since fantasy sports are highly popular, many sports news broadcastings already feature fantasy related issues. Besides the first sitcom focusing on fantasy football, other big sports TV stations feature television programs discussing fantasy sports issues.

Playing in a fantasy football league requires the monitoring of live games and football events. Although the game itself is based on owning a virtual football team, a player of fantasy games is greatly affected by how the players of his team play in real games. Sometimes a fantasy player may want a player of his team to do something to score. Different scenarios present themselves where a football player gets an opportunity to score for a fantasy owner.

Fantasy football affects the support of many football fans. Critics state that because of these fantasy games, many people support their fantasy team instead of their favorite football team, or the team representing their country or city. Football players, on the other hand, have mixed opinions regarding this issue.

Many fantasy football leagues are composed of friends and relatives. Some are also composed of officemates and co-workers, even strangers who happen to share the same interest. Large amounts of money are lost and gained each year in fantasy bets, but since fantasy gaming is not a “game of chance”, it is not considered “gambling” by the national government, which means, it is legal.

Other fantasy fans wager not just money, but other items or conditions. Some people place bets and if they lose, they have to do a certain activity for the winning person. The loser can only refuse to do an activity if it contradicts his belief, religion, or his values. Some fans even sign contracts before they bet, to ensure the security of the bet no matter the game results .

Some seasoned football experts and analysts criticize fantasy football saying, believing it has ruined the game of football. These people are usually retired football players or long-time football fans who don’t like the idea of fantasy games. They typically prefer the traditional way of playing the game itself and watching their favorite team win the game. Some former players however, choose to play in fantasy games because of the different kind of fun it offers.

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