Fantasy Football: 25 Players to Avoid in 2014

They’re ticking time bombs and they’re here to ruin your fantasy football team. Avoid these 25 players in 2014 and spare yourself the agony of a lost season.
Winning your fantasy league is all about finding value. To be specific, it’s about building more collective value on your roster than every other owner in your league.
Whether it be in the draft, on the waiver wire or in a trade, every roster move made during a fantasy season is about receiving the highest possible return on investment. Any trade should perceivably benefit your team at least as much as it benefits your trading partner. A third-round draft pick should yield at least a third-round value. If not, you made a poor investment.
The purpose of the following list is to predict the players who will yield some of the worst relative values in the draft. Did you happen to select Trent Richardson or Ray Rice in the first round last year only to promptly fall to the bottom of your league’s standings by midseason? Don’t let that happen again this year.
The following 25 players will (and should) get drafted in all leagues. Their fantasy value is not zero. However, their expected draft position significantly overrates their expected return on investment.
Name recognition, more “favorable” situations, talk of bounce-back years—there are many reasons why players become overrated in the offseason. They might look great on your roster following the draft—on paper, your team looks stacked!
Then, the season starts.
Tick, tick, tick, tick—boom. Your season was over before it started.

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